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General, overcoming stage fright training

You can read more on stage fright, its causes and symptoms here.

Personalized trainings always conclude with a 100% success rate. This means that the acquired tools are working all the time, everywhere. I marvel time and time again how easy it is to overcome the suffering of decades even. I am happy help.

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Presentation training

Those who have troubles with public appearances know the symptoms very well. You sleep badly and for a short time, even days before the planned appearance, presentation and every kind of public performance. As if you had “racing thoughts” independent of yourself. You see horrible images of how you will become ridiculous in front of others, that you won’t able to open your mouth, if you get entangled, if something is missing, goes wrong, falls, breaks, tears, etc. School memories torment you of tests and ridicule, or you feel that your heart is in your mouth and there is a lump in your stomach, your hands are shaking and the rustling of the paper echoes from the speakers.

Stage fright can be treated and a confident, calm appearance can be learnt.

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Exam Training

It is a common problem that despite studying, and conscientious preparation, anxiety and its symptoms stand in the way of a successful exam. The 2 x 90 minute personalized training is very effective and the method can be learnt very easily.

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Communication at work

Stage fright and anxiety can affect your relations at work as well. For example, someone who dares not speak in  a cynical group and flees from places where he is mocked, will eventually become more and more reserved and finally all communication will cease. Whoever feels that he is mostly not saying what he wants or as he wants, will become more and more introverted. Either constant conflict or hiding from it poisons your life. The constant blaming and judging of yourself or others define your everyday life and you soon realize that you are not loved, you become lonely at your work environment and you are unable to perform well in situations that matter. The aim of the training is to help you handle conflicts and arguments striving for a “win win” situation.

There is a way out and surprisingly quickly. I can help even if someone is in such a situation for years.

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Interviewee training for leaders

CEOs, owners, communication directors, spokesmen and everyone preparing for a public appearance, giving an interview, take arts in television or radio debate, those who present or report or those who expect embarrassing questions and wish to hold their own or their firm’s interest above all, often get into consequential situations before the microphone. With a personalized training, following a constructed method a confident, calm and balanced performance is easy to achieve.

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Artist training

When the interviewee is an artist it is a tricky situation, as an artist is expected to communicate as well as they show talent in their art. However these two differ immensely and do not necessarily coincide. Often disorganized, confused or embarrassing sentences make someone lose credibility who can’t help it as he is interested in other things and lives, and his life defined different values. In my experience after 20 years of working in television is that no ART matters if the art of communication is missing as communication can ruin everything. Or at least it can do a lot of damage.

The good news is that after a couple of trainings the future interviewee (painter, actor, actress, performer, musician, singer, dancer, sculptor, etc) can be in the possession of tools that help him summarize everything he/she wants to reveal to the audience, to tell precisely what he/she wants and the way he wants.

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